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Kenya Poverty Elimination Network (K-PEN) is a, no-profit making and Non governmental Organization without religious or political affiliation registered in the year 2000 under the NGO board. K-PEN modus operandi is based on improving the socio-economic status of the rural poor.
Poverty has become an affliction with which many Kenyans have to contend on a daily basis. This is why K-PEN is determined to eliminate poverty with a focus on the women because they are the majority who are poor. Bias towards women is deeply rooted in the social and cultural and ethnic traditions that are manifested through denying women the right to land ownership access to credit and quality education.


The Kenya poverty elimination Network (K-PEN) is a non governmental organization that strives to empower the under-served, disadvantaged and marginalized members of the society to enable them identify and utilize their potentials to eliminate poverty and fight HIV/AIDS.


Broad objectives of KPEN

  • To advocate for gender equity and equality in all areas of socio-economic life.

  • To alleviate poverty through promotion of household-based incomes and initiation of income generating projects.

  • Build its own organizational capacity to effectively support furtherance of these objectives.

  • To effectively mainstream the fight against HIV/AIDS, reducing prevalence and improve quality of lives for those infected and affected within the target catchment areas of KPEN.