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Self Sustained Poverty Elimination In Sub-Saharan Africa

Youth Vocational Training

K-PEN offers training to youths identified by the group members and enrolled in different fields shown below:

  • Arc and Electric welding
  • Wood work/Carpentry
  • Tailoring and dress making
  • Motorcycle Repairs & Maintenance
  • Beautician Training

Psychological Support and Food Support

Counselling and emotional support have been the pillars of all support for women living with HIV/AIDS in K-PEN since its inception. Indeed, we are convinced that counseling is a sure strategy to enabling one cope with hard circumstances. At all the resource centers of K-PEN, trained volunteer Counselors are deployed to provide this emotional support and empowerment service. Individual and group therapy are some of the counselling types that are provided by K-PEN counsellors. It is worth noting that group therapy sessions are a source of great hope and solidarity for people living with HIV/AIDS. K-PEN also provide food supplement to identified HIV/AIDS positive bed ridden persons within the project areas. This is carried out under the Home Based Care program

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To develop and provide suitable, sustainable and comprehensive livelihood opportunities for  marginalized communities, with special emphasis on women and youth, to alleviate hunger, improve their income capacity, quality of life and enable them live to in dignity and prosperity. 

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Economic Support

About 80% of all beneficiaries (women) who are in the K-PEN program are in historic economically marginalized communities. This scenario has necessitated the need to develop an economic empowerment program that will increase household incomes for women and their dependents. These includes Income Generating Activities (IGA) such as: Beekeeping, Goats rearing, Growing local vegetables, Amaranth & Millet growing.